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There is a stock exchange saying: "America sneezes, and the whole world catch a cold." But how to understand what exactly is happening to the largest economy on the planet, which is closely monitored by almost all traders in the world?

Stock indices are indicators of the "health" of economic processes. In the USA, these are indices:
✔ S&P500 - monitors the dynamics of the 500 largest companies;
✔ NASDAQ Composite - an index of high-tech companies;
✔ Dow Jones (Industrial Average) - is the oldest and most famous of all indices, a barometer of American development.

S&P500 Index Chart in 15 days

The index shows the capitalization of five hundred US issuing companies. Moreover, the calculation took into account the shares traded on the two largest stock exchanges in the country: NYSE and NASDAQ.

A signal to stop long-term growth will be the fact of closing the monthly candle below the level of 2530 points. If the price closes above 2940 points, the growth will continue.

NASDAQ Index Chart in 15 days

The index includes the 100 largest companies in terms of capitalization, whose shares are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The index does not include financial sector companies (ticker QQQ).

The NASDAQ-100 index is divided into sectors: Technology - 63.47%, Cyclical companies - 21.96%, Healthcare - 7.16%, Non-cyclical companies - 3.47%, Industry - 2.10%, Communication services - 1.18%, Utilities - 0.65%

Country: USA - 98.47%, Hong Kong - 0.85%, China - 0.43%, Netherlands - 0.25%

Dow Jones Index Chart in 15 days

Dow Jones Industrial Average is the main member of the family (30 shares).

This index is calculated in a Price Weighted way, and not only in US dollars, but also in EUR, CAD and JPY.

For those wishing to get the index return on the NYSE, the ETF SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust (ticker DIA) is traded, the volume of transactions for which on average is about 5 million (the price is about $ 200, the number in the lot is 5).



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